Question Raised by Sacramento Immigrant Focuses on Permanent Resident Card

Question Raised by Sacramento Immigrant Focuses on Permanent Resident Card

As an immigration lawyer, I find that there’s often a need to make clarifications regarding specific forms. There are so many forms associated with immigration it’s easy to become confused.

This happened the other day when someone from Sacramento had a question regarding her permanent resident card, which is commonly known as a green card.

Purpose of Replacement Green Card

It is important to understand that a replacement green card is not intended for someone whose status as a conditional resident is expiring or to replace a non-permanent visa. The replacement card is for people who already possess a permanent resident card. The immigrant from Sacramento did already hold a green card.

Replacement cards are intended for those who have had a legal change in biographic data, whose card contains incorrect information due to an USCIS error, if you need to renew your green card or if you were issued a card but never received it.

You do not file a for a replacement green card if you’ve changed your address

You may report a change of address via the USCIS at

Filing for Replacement Green Card

An I-90 application, which may be filed electronically or by mail, is used when applying for a replacement card. Supporting evidence must also be submitted. Depending upon your situation, forms and types of evidence will vary. A complete list of filing fees can be found here.

The process can get fairly complicated, as I noted to the Sacramento resident who needed to file for a replacement of her green card. You must offer your reason for the replacement card clearly and accurately and this reason influences how to accurately complete the form. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer can help facilitate this process.

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