Effect of USCIS Policy Survey

Sacramento Immigrant Asks Immigration Lawyer about Reason for Survey

The USCIS announced the results of its Policy Review Public Survey and with that
addressed exactly why the survey was performed and how it would be used. I
had received a question from an immigrant now living in the Sacramento area
concerning the usefulness of the survey. The question makes sense since surveys
can sometimes simply result in little follow through.

Survey: Reason and Focus

This is the first time that the USCIS has ever conducted such a review that included
those working in the field, such as immigration lawyers, and people who are directly
affected by their policies. This is an attempt to make sure that their policies are up
to date and consistent and that they operate in a fair and prompt manner.

Policy Changes

The USCIS is on record as saying that policy changes will come about due to this
survey. This is seen as being a multiyear process. The first ten items that will be
addressed by the USCIS due to the survey results are:

  • National Customer Service Center
  • Nonimmigrant H-1B
  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Employment-based Adjustment of Status
  • Family-based Adjustment of Status
  • Employment-Based Preference Categories 1, 2 and 3
  • Refugee and Asylum Adjustment of Status
  • Form I-601
  • General Humanitarian

Employment Authorization and Travel Documents.

For the individual involved in an immigration issue, as my questioner from
Sacramento had been, working with a government agency as complex as the USCIS
can be daunting. If you feel you need help with your issue, an immigration lawyer
can often be a big help.
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