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Experienced Criminal Immigration Lawyers

NO MATTER WHAT crime you have committed, even if you pleaded guilty, you might qualify to have your conviction erased or changed to another charge if no one explained the immigration consequences to you

  • In some cases, to be eligible to apply for a green card, you may need to reduce a felony crime to a misdemeanor – even years after it happened!
  • Although expungements rarely erase a crime from your immigration record, it can be useful if seeking DACA or even citizenship!

Criminal Immigration Areas We Cover

  • DUI‘s
    Having a DUI can prevent citizenship for 5 years. A DUI can also lead to removal of greencard and Deportation in some limited cases
  • Domestic Violence
    • Even if you have a greencard or other temporary visa, a domestic violence arrest could lead to Deportation.
    • If you have no status but qualify for a Waivers, you might still qualify even with domestic violence on your record.
    • Not all domestic violence cases are treated equally: Some hurt and some do not.
  • Drug Conviction
    • If you have been convicted of drug use, possession, or being under the influence, you are deportable.
    • If you have been convicted of a drug crime, but have completed DEJ, California law may help you avoid deportation.
    • If you have a single case of drug possession, and no other drug crimes, you might qualify to avoid deportation.
    • A conviction for possession for sale, or transportation for sale, might make you permanently ineligible to gain legal status.
  • Crimes of Violence
    • If you have a crime of violence on your record, you might be permanently ineligible to gain legal status, however, the Supreme Court recently limited the definition of crime of violence – make sure your crime does not qualify!
  • Sex Crimes
    • Most sex crimes would qualify as a crime of moral turpitude, which could lead to Deportation and even loss of a greencard or other visa
    • Some sex crimes can also make you permanently ineligible to get legal status, although the Supreme Court has excluded some California crimes from this higher punishment

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