Requirements for L1-A Executive Manager Visa

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If you’re an executive manager planning on coming to the United States to work for a company in an executive or managerial capacity, then you’ll need to secure a L1A visa. As an immigration attorney who works closely with clients in this area, I know there are specific requirements that relate to the L1A visa. In this article, I’m going to examine those requirements that have been established by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

L1A Visa Basics

Those seeking a L1A visa, which is a temporary work visa that is good for seven years, have been an executive manager, that is someone who is in an executive or managerial position, for at least one of the three past years for a non-U.S. company, corporation or other such legal entity and are seeking to travel to the United States to work in a similar position. Those coming to the U.S. on a L1A visa will work in a managerial or executive capacity at a related firm in the U.S. or they will supervise the opening of a new unit or entity in the U.S. that is associated with the non-U.S. company, form or other entity for which they work.

L1A Visa Requirements for U.S. Company

The petitioning company, which is the entity located in the United States, must meet certain requirements. What follows are the basic requirements that an immigration attorney can explain further.

The U.S. company must have a formal relationship with the foreign entity. The affiliation may be manifested in various ways, including as a subsidiary, affiliate or branch. The formal relationship must be verified and it may be demonstrated by revealing that one company has control over the other or by the fact that the same group or person controls both entities.

L1A Visa Requirements for Executive Manager

Along with the requirements for a manager or executive noted in the L1A visa basic section above, there are specific duties relating to the positions of manager and executive that define these positions.

A person is considered a manager if he/she oversees and runs a specific area of a company, subdivision, department or the entire company. They may control, monitor and supervise various types of employees and/or essential functions of that company. A manager also has the authority to make decisions regarding the daily running of the entity or a specific area of the entity and is charged with making decisions related to personnel. In the company, they function at a senior level.

Those who work at the executive level possess the authority to create policies and goals for the entity and have the power to make decisions that affect the firm or company in a major manner. Supervision of an executive is undertaken by a select few such as stockholders, a board of directors or executives who possess a higher rank.

Attaining Your L1A Visa


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