L1B Specialized Knowledge Worker Visa Basics


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Knowledge Worker Visa Requirements

In my work as an immigration attorney, I’ve handled a range of L1 visa immigration cases. Perhaps the most time sensitive visa applications are those relating to workers coming to the United States to perform duties on a temporary basis. In this article, I’m going to outline the requirements for the L1B visa, which is designed to bring individuals into the country who are known as Specialized Knowledge Workers.

The L1B visa is designed for individuals from foreign countries who plan to come to the United States to work. These individuals possess specialized knowledge, skills and experience regarding the procedures, systems, services or products of a firm, corporation, company or other entity.

The original length of stay for these individuals is three years but it may be extended to five. In order to be considered for L1B visa, an individual must have been employed in a position requiring specialized knowledge for one of the three past years at a sponsoring company’s foreign division, branch, subdivision or other entity associated with that company.

L1B Visa Requirements for Companies

The company located in the United States is the petitioning company and must meet specific requirements. It’s essential that the U.S. company have a formal affiliation with the foreign entity. The connection may be as a subsidiary, division, affiliate or branch. The connection must be clearly established and verified. This relationship may be shown by the fact that both entities are controlled by the same person or group or by demonstrating that one company owns more than 50% of the other. An immigration attorney can expound upon and explain these requirements.

L1B Visa Requirements for Individuals

The area of specialized knowledge for the individual includes highly developed technical expertise or professional knowledge. It also relates to a person’s private, exclusive understanding relating to a company’s products, services, methods of production, organizational make up, marketing strategies or other information that’s connected to the successful functioning of the entity in the United States. Additional types of unique knowledge include that which is related to the company’s products and services and their successful application in the international market or an intimate and unique understanding of the company’s procedures, systems or methods.

Facilitating the L1B Visa Process

When applying for a L1B Specialized Knowledge Worker visa, time is often of the essence and an experienced immigration attorney can help ensure that you properly follow all procedures in the process. Please contact the Ranchod Law Group in San Francisco, California, if you have any questions or needs when it comes to the L1B Specialized Knowledge Worker visa. We represent clients in all 50 states.  To schedule a consultation contact us at 415-986-6186 or at info@ranchodlaw.com.

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