I 601A Waiver Approval – September 30, 2016

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Another I601A Approval from Mexico

i-601a hardship waiver approval by The Ranchod Law Group

i-601a hardship waiver approval by The Ranchod Law Group

  • The Client entered the United States illegally in 2002.
  • He met and married a U.S. Citizen and together they have two children both born in the U.S.
  • His wife has a long medical history and the medical insurance coverage for the family is provided through the state of California.
  • The Family also lives near client’s wife’s parents who are each approaching 70.
  • Both the client and his wife work and even though they live modestly they really depended on both incomes to get by.
  • They also both take care of their children.

With waiver cases each case presents different facts and circumstances our office works with: unique facts which require careful attention in order to document and argue why you should qualify for an extreme hardship waiver. This particular client has been in the U.S. over fourteen years and now, finally, he will no longer be illegal!

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