An Immigration Attorney Considers Reform Issues

Santa Clara Immigration Attorney Discusses Various Aspects of Immigration Reform

What are the real issues surrounding immigration reform? As an immigration attorney, any type of reform is bound to have an effect on my Santa Clara office from which I work with people and organizations from all over the country. The phrase “immigration reform” means many different things to many different people.

Policing the Borders

For many, immigration reform means one thing and one thing only—keeping people from entering the US illegally by policing the borders. One major question concerns our ability to secure our borders. As has been discussed many times over and over, the cost and manpower issues are massive. We do want to make sure that workers are documented but for many the solution seems to be building a US version of the Great Wall of China.

Streamlined Process for Entry

Some have suggested that the US have a streamlined process for entry. This is, once again, a manpower issue. This time it involves paperwork and people processing that paperwork. Additionally, streamlining raises issues regarding what the standards should be for entry?

Would streamlining the process allow us to better determine who’s in the country? It probably would.

Affects on Those Here

There’s also the issue of how immigration reform will affect those who have been here as undocumented workers. Many in congress and other groups around the nation want them to be granted visas. Others are against such a situation.

As a Santa Clara immigration attorney, these workers are a primary concern.

The Debate Continues

Immigration reform continues to be the ultimate hot button issue. In my office in Santa Clara, I work with many who have various concerns regarding reform. As an immigration attorney, I see that the extreme emotions connected with this issue work against achieving any sort of real progress. The complex nature of immigration reform demands logical, critical thinking and not emotional reactions.

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