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Effect of USCIS Policy Survey

Sacramento Immigrant Asks Immigration Lawyer about Reason for Survey

The USCIS announced the results of its Policy Review Public Survey and with that
addressed exactly why the survey was performed and how it would be used. I
had received a question from an immigrant now living in the Sacramento area
concerning the usefulness of the survey. The question makes sense since surveys
can sometimes simply result in little follow through.Read More »Effect of USCIS Policy Survey

USCIS Policy Review Public Survey Results

When survey results are announced, as they were by the USCIS recently, the
numbers are important but they can seem impersonal. I was meeting an immigrant
in the Sacramento area who was especially interested in some of the data.

USCIS Survey

This is the first-ever public policy review by the USCIS and it is an attempt to ensure
that the agency is effectively adhering to its mission. Over 5,550 people responded
to the survey and they included employees using an immigrant or non-immigrant
visa, practitioners of immigration law, advocates, employers of immigrant and non-
immigrant visa holders, law enforcement and others.Read More »USCIS Policy Review Public Survey Results