I-601A Unlawful Presence Waiver APPROVED for Client from Central America

i-601a Waiver approval, Extreme Hardship
I-601A Extreme Hardship Approval Document

The Facts about this I-601A hardship waiver approval, how we successfully argued the case

Filed: January 17, 2017
Approved: April 21, 2017

  • The Client entered the U.S. illegally more than 15 years ago
  • He never had any trouble with the law
  • He is married to a U.S. Citizen
  • Client’s wife had dealt with some serious health issues in the past which had a possibility of recurring

In order to win these waivers we have to prove that client’s U.S. Citizen spouse would suffer extreme hardship both if she tried to relocate abroad and also if she remained in the U.S. without the client.

Relocation wasn’t an option for client’s wife because of the poor country conditions in client’s home country and also because of her health needs.

We also argued client’s wife would suffer extreme hardship if client was abroad because even though she worked he was the primary financial provider for their family and her mental health would decline due to the separation.

Most importantly she might need to depend on client again if her health issues reoccurred.

Finally, we argued client was worthy of a favorable exercise of discretion, remarkably he had been working for the same employer for nearly his entire stay in the U.S. We are so happy to have been able to help another hardworking client and his lovely wife.

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